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NBS Plant Breeding
(NBS Data Management and Analysis System for Plant Breeding)


    NBS Data Management and Analysis System for Plant Breeding is special for plant breeding experts. The two main functions of the system are data storage and data analysis. 
    Data storage:Dynamic data structure is used in the system, you can define breeding characters to meet your own need. So the software can be used by experts either in crop breeding or vegetable breeding. The picture management function of the software is also very useful.
    Data analysis:Quantitative genetics theory and mothods can be found in our software,for example:Griffing Diallel Analysis, Combining Abilitie, Additive and Dominance Models and ANOVA; Linear and Curvilinear Regression, Association Coefficient and Degree of Association.

   Our software will be your right hand in breebing.


System Features

A. Using SQL database, powerful data storage management functions to ensure data maintenance and security.
B. Collection TXT and photographs data Integrated management, see the TXT data at the same time to see the photographs
C. Image recognition, automatic seed count, batch recognition.

D. Image-based calculation of leaf angle.

E. Statistical analysis commonly used in Breeding, inter-ratio method, random block, multi-year, multi-point, and other analytical methods.

F. Ideal variety evaluation, based on scientific data analysis method to eliminate breeding material.
G. Automatically maintain pedigree.

H. Identification of hybrid combinations.

I. Through the Internet network to support real-time remote data summary, data sharing.

J. Module authorization, Menu authorization ,Grade authorization, to ensure data security.
K. supports mobile data collection devices and bar code scanning equipment.


Major Functions of the NBS:

Personnel and authorized


view pictures at the same time

View recorded data, you can also view photos collected over the same time. “picture?column will be yellow marked cell . Click the yellow cells, show the picture window.


Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis Module

Experimental design including a breeding experiment used a visual dynamic design, contrast method, inter-ratio method, randomized block, Latin square, split plot, Strip blocks etc.

Data fitting


Image management and recognition count










Grain count


Feature Extraction


Calculation of rice chalkiness


Leaf Angle


Character Definition


view farming and weather at the same time

   Parent-related data

     Methods of operation:  right-click in the list of materials.

      View the current selected material’s parents involved in hybridization. This feature is only support last generation, Material Identification performance support more generation .

    Breeding material Screening

Sometimes you want to filter from the materials found some indicators of the material. NBS will automatically determine the type of characters is number or txt, the user needs to do is tells the computer screen characters, selection characters value .

 NBS Mobile breeding data collection system

NBS Mobile breeding data collection system base on windows Mobile.

Mobile breeding data collection module and NBS Mobile breeding data collection system is joint use.

Support Collected data on the mobile device Import into the breeding database directly.

No mobile device support, the module does not run.




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Personal Edition $ No support: Grade Authorization, Test crosses Simulation, Image recognition count, NBS Mobile breeding data collection system.
Characters Limit 10.Only support use in localhost.
No time limit,Free software upgrades within one year
Standard Edition $

No support: NBS Mobile breeding data collection system.
Only support use in localhost.

No time limit,Free software upgrades within one year
Enterprise Edition


No time limit,Free software upgrades within one year

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